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Vulnerability in the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition product of Oracle Analytics (component: Pod Admin). Supported versions that are affected are and Easily exploitable vulnerability allows...

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Cadence through 0.9.2 2023-08-21 uses an Insecure /tmp/.cadence-aloop-daemon.x Temporary File. The file is used even if it has been created by a local adversary before Cadence started. The adversary can then delete the file,...

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LinkedIn Improper buffer restrictions in the Intel(R) Unite Client for Windows* before version 4.2.13064 may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable information disclosure via local...

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A sandbox escape issue was discovered in TitanHQ SpamTitan Gateway 7.07. It limits the admin user to a restricted shell, allowing execution of a small number of tools of the operating system. This restricted shell can be...

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Affected versions of Atlassian Jira Server and Data Center allow an unauthenticated user to enumerate users via an Information Disclosure vulnerability in the /ViewUserHover.jspa endpoint. The affected versions are before...

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u’In the lbd service, an external user can issue a specially crafted debug command to overwrite arbitrary files with arbitrary content resulting in remote code execution.’ in Snapdragon Connectivity, Snapdragon...

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