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In ListCheck.exe in Acer Care Center 4.x before 4.00.3038, a vulnerability in the loading mechanism of Windows DLLs could allow a local attacker to perform a DLL hijacking attack. This vulnerability is due to incorrect handling...

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BuddyBoss Platform through 1.8.0 allows remote attackers to obtain the email address of each user. When creating a new user, it generates a Unique ID for their profile. This UID is their private email address with symbols...

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jpress 4.2.0 is vulnerable to remote code execution via The admin panel provides a function through which attackers can edit the email templates and inject some malicious...

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A double free bug in packet_set_ring() in net/packet/af_packet.c can be exploited by a local user through crafted syscalls to escalate privileges or deny service. We recommend upgrading kernel past the effected versions or...

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Nullptr dereference when a null char is present in a proto symbol. The symbol is parsed incorrectly, leading to an unchecked call into the proto file’s name during generation of the resulting error message. Since the...

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