Category: CVE Notifications


The file view-chair-list.php in Multi Restaurant Table Reservation System 1.0 does not perform input validation on the table_id parameter which allows unauthenticated SQL Injection. An attacker can send malicious input in the...

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An issue was discovered in Bitrix24 Bitrix Framework (1c site management) 20.0. An “User enumeration and Improper Restriction of Excessive Authentication Attempts” vulnerability exists in the admin login form,...

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Python oic is a Python OpenID Connect implementation. In Python oic before version 1.2.1, there are several related cryptographic issues affecting client implementations that use the library. The issues are: 1) The IdToken...

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The official Crux Linux Docker images 3.0 through 3.4 contain a blank password for a root user. System using the Crux Linux Docker container deployed by affected versions of the Docker image may allow an attacker to achieve root...

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