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tshark 2.4 New Feature – Command Line Export Objects, (Fri, Aug 18th)

There is nothing new about Wireshark releasing an update; however, the new 2.4 branch has new feature that is quite useful that I have been waiting to be able to use for a while. In case you missed it, tshark now has the ability to Export Objects. I have tested the export using large pcap files with multiple objects and tshark does a good job “dumping” all the files in the specified directory (i.e. destdir).

To extract HTTP or SMB objects from the command-line, run the following command:

tsahrk -nr file.pcap –export-objects http,destdir
tshark -nr file.pcap –export-objects smb,destdir


Guy Bruneau IPSS Inc.
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An error was found in the X-Pack Security TLS trust manager for versions 5.0.0 to 5.5.1. If reloading the trust material fails the trust manager will be replaced with an instance that trusts all certificates. This could allow any node using any certificate to join a cluster. The proper behavior in this instance is for the TLS trust manager to deny all certificates.